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Working in Voiceovers

The Santa Session

This is classic voiceover studio session! Enjoy!


Million Dollar Voices

This is a great spot that Fox News did on the top names in voiceover. Be sure to pay attention to the facial expressions, body language, hand and arm movements and the animated facial expressions. Thinking about breaking into voiceovers? Come on out and play!


Getting That First Voiceover Role

Getting That First Voice-Over Role compiled by Heather Kenyon *this article was originally published in Animation World Magazine, but so good I thought it was worth revisiting here. PLUS it also features Vancouver’s own Lana Carson! Enjoy! What do casting and voice-over directors look for? How do they choose who they choose? We asked several directors, producers and casting directors for some “do’s” and “don’ts” to help you set yourself aside from the pack and