VoiceOver Demos

Are you ready to record your demo?

Maybe it’s time to redo the one you have?

Now we have a great option for you get coaching, and have your demo recorded and mixed all for ONLY $850 
 “Killer Demos Sessions” will be LIMITED to 2 Spaces per month! 
(the calendar fills up fast)
 Here’s How this Works:

A Week or Two Before….

  • You do a recorded phone Coaching Sessions with me (Hunter)
  • This is essential before hitting the studio!
  • We REHEARSE, revise and PLAN your material
  • I help you find scripts – what to record & what not to – this is about finding “your money voice”
  • We do a second coaching session to refine  your materials


Recording Day….

  • You and I meet at the studio or I Phone Patch in (depending on location)
  • BEFORE you record, we go over everything to make sure you’re clear & confident
  • Now, you have a Private Studio Recording Session WITH one-on-one coaching the entire time
  • We finish the session with your best takes marked, and you can even take a raw MP3 or WAV file of the complete unedited session with you


Mixing Magic….

  • NOW Your Demo is professionally mixed and mastered (and trust me, this is magic!) and delivered to you via digital download within ONE WEEK of the recording session ….. yup! really.
  • Start to finish, you can have your completed demo in your hand in as little as one week! (2 if you want to take a little more time)


Premium Option…. for serious VO virtuosos

For only $75 more (and this is a deal!) you can add on an intensive follow-up

Strategy Session where we dive into WHERE to post your demos, what the NEXT STEPS are, how to get an AGENT and how to start getting BOOKED


Fun Fast Affordable Demos Sessions will be LIMITED to 2 Spaces per month to make sure that everyone gets maximum attention

This is all for ONLY $750 (tax included!)

Click Below to Register:

Demo with Coaching $825

Demo Only $750

*Sessions are booked on a first come basis, and non-refundable, so make sure you are serious about rockin’ this before jumping in.

This is really the best way I’ve ever come across to get your demo done!

We’re thrilled about helping you guys to get out there in a BIG way!

**I will contact you within 24 hours of payment to schedule your coaching & recording time  

P.S. If you can still pay via the website, there is still a session available