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Private Voiceover Coaching

Private Voiceover Coaching

Demo Coaching & Audition Prep 

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? 

Is it time to really get serious about this whole voiceover thing? 

Private Voiceover Coaching may be right for you!

  Private Sessions are perfect for:

  • Honing your skills and perfecting your read
  • Audition prep and cold readings.
  • Developing your signature voice & finding your niche market
  • Creating and sustaining characters for animation
  • Planning and preparing demo materials (super important!!)
  • Getting help and direction on the business end of the biz.
  • Specialty voiceovers i.e audiobooks, narration, broadcasting, IVR
  • Tweaking your home studio set-up

We’ll cover whatever you need most to get going! The majority of voiceover coaching now is done via the telephone. (I know, I know…. actors want to work together in person, but this is VOICE work. Get use to not seeing the people you’re working with!) I don’t so much need to see you as to hear you! Scripts are exchanged via email and we arrange a time for the session just as we would as if it was in person.   Individual Private Sessions include MP3 Recording       

  • MP3 is available for download within 30 minutes of completing a session
  • Recording allows you to replay every single comment and direction given, and to be able to work more effectively on your own at home
  • This is a huge benefit of working over the phone as that type of recording is actually much more difficult and costly to do live


$45 for 30 min session

$80 for 60 min session

$120 for 3 x 30 min sessions

$220 for 3  60 min sessions

** Please note: if this is for AUDITION PREP and you need some coaching ASAP send an email to us [at] phoenixproductions [dot] us  with AUDITION PREP in the subject line and someone from my office will get right back to you!  

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30 min Session $45 60 min Session $80 3 x 30 min Session $120 3 x 60 min Session $220


As soon as payment is made, you will be redirected to a page with further instructions of how to prepare & what comes next!

“Hunter is a terrific coach and voice director, with both a great ear and a good knowledge of the business. I recommend her wholeheartedly.”

– Daryl Hutchings via LinkedIn

“Words can’t describe the excellent voice over coaching that I have received from Hunter. During every consultation, I’ve learned through her realistic approach how to unblock the mental barriers of discovering my true authentic voice. When I met Hunter, I had lots of doubts and fears of becoming a professional Voice Over talent. Now I am booking and receiving amazing responses from clients. Thank you Hunter!”

Janet McLeish on  via Google+